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BN-Pg2-20-Crimson Epidemic by DragonessDeanna BN-Pg2-20-Crimson Epidemic by DragonessDeanna
The night wanned on, and the young man waited for his beloved to come to him. At last, there was yet another tug at his sleeve. He was to tell her to leave him in peace, but the woman put her face close to his and whispered to him, Follow me.
It was his angel. His prodigy of music. He followed her willingly, but something was happening at the top of the grand escalier. A red mist was floating down the steps and swirled around the many guests.


Fwaha! I love the title. x3; I'm just so clever.
But speaking of titles, I see no point in naming them anymore. So bleh. There won't be anymore after this page. Okie?

I'm also really sorry this took so long to get done. I had a lot to do this week. Took forever just to get it inked. =(
And the red mist in the last panel didn't come out the way I wanted, but I'm done with this page. x.x Maybe I'll come back to it when I'm doing the revamps.

EDIT: I forgot to mention who was in this. *Frowns*
Panel 1 has ~razzie27, and then one of her muses. x3; Try and guess who he is, Chels!
Panel 2 has my two bois, Ralph & Sean
Then panel 7 has *RipperBlackstaff and ~Adamantium-fury
Everyone else not mentioned above will be coming soon! Luves!!

EDIT: Last edit, I swear! I forgot to mention that I used this tutorial for the 'mist' - [link]
By ~khim3ra ^^

:bulletblue: Page 2-21</u> - (Next) [link]
:bulletblue: Page 2-19</u> - (Previous) [link]
:bulletblue: Prologue</u> - (First) [link]

+Time: 9 - 10+ hours
+Media: Drawing pencil 3B, Millenium inking pens, and coloured in PhotoShop 7.0
+Done to: Dark Waltz by Hayley Westenra

The Phantom of the Opera © Gaston LeRoux (R.I.P.)
Black Nostalgia © Myself

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Dun! Dun dun dun dun duun dun dun. dun dun dun duuun dun dun. dun dun, dun duuuun. dun dun dun duuun dun dun. dun dun, dun dun.

Hurray for actually sounding his themesong out. I have much more interesting comments for the following page/pages.
DragonessDeanna Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2011  Student Filmographer
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someone;s had too much to drink, lol
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Just a tad.
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=D Totally.
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I'm on it I'm on it Yoohoo !

Can't wait for the red death either. I've got your fanart piece nearly finished. It should be over for next week. I've got exams and I have to study for them.
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